Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun In Fostering

You know what another one of the fun things about fostering is? Finding a dog's personal quirks.

Mia and I just had a really fun play session. I have a huge tug rope toy and we play tug when time and my energy permit lol. Today while playing, she'd roll over on her back and let me pull her across the carpet. She's let me do this before, but today, she found it especially fun! I couldn't help to crack up with laughter as we did circles in my living room with me just dragging her around on her back. She was grinning and rolling into the turns and just having a BLAST!

My two personal dogs don't even get into tug that much. It's personally fulfilling for me to find something the dog loves to do and provide it to them, no matter how silly it can be.

And, sorry for no videos of the play session. I've tried to capture it before and she loses interest. I didn't want to compromise her play time :)