Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yay Mickey He's So Fine!

Sorry for such a delayed update! Things have been really busy in our neck of the woods as usual :)

Mickey went in for his reconstructive surgery this past Wednesday and he's looking wonderful! The swelling is going down and his mouth still looks a bit alarming at first, but he's taking everything in stride. The one thing he's having trouble with is the plastic cone to keep him from rubbing his face on things either on purpose or by accident. It will come off on Wednesday, July 1st, when he goes back in for a check up. Lucky for Mickey that mouth operations heal faster than other areas so we should see wonderful advancement in the next month. We're excited!

After Mickey's mouth has healed, we'll be getting him treated for his heartworms. The surgeon chose to tackle the surgery first because Mickey's heartworms have not advanced to a dangerous stage and he wanted him to be in the best possible health (no infections on his gums, etc.) for those treatments. Mickey is always going to look a little bit different but his story is one that can teach people so much! Mickey is a young, happy boy that regardless the injury to his mouth, he holds no grudges and lives life to its fullest each day :)

We've run into some great luck as well regarding Mickey's surgery and hopefully with his heartworm treatments. The veterinarian who did the surgery is Dr. Tom Hentges who practices at the Animal Medical West Veterinary Clinic in West Ashley. He offered the surgery to us at a GREATLY reduced price and made this possible for us. Instead of a $1,600 surgery and neuter plus an additional $500 for his heartworm treatments, we're looking at about $600 for EVERYTHING. How awesome is that! People like Dr. Hentges make things possible!

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the future and hopefully we can get this awesome guy to some of our events soon :)