Sunday, August 23, 2009

Help For Oklahoma Bust Dogs

As by now you've heard, back in July authorities confiscated over 400 dogs in more than 5 states across the country, making this the largest dogfighting bust in US history. New Hope Pit Bull Rescue has been fervently working with shelters to rescue dogs from the Missouri based bust. The dogs involved in the bust from Oklahoma have already been released by the courts and there are 2 dogs currently needing to come into rescue. We have partnered with Noble Ones Bully Breed Rescue to find foster homes for the dogs.

Molly Gibb, who has been working with the shelter and dogs in Oklahoma (and who is also foster mom to Alf, one of the dogs rescued from the property of NFL Quarterback Michael Vick), has set up a bank account to accept donations for the dogs. Donations to the account will cover the cost of medical care, food and transport for the dogs from Oklahoma to South Carolina, as well as other dogs that were confiscated in the Oklahoma bust. Please send donations to:

The Dasiy Fund & Molly Gibb
c/o Gibb Co.
P.O.Box 76504
Oklahoma City, OK 73147-2504

Please don't forget about the dogs in Missouri! Because of the high profile nature of the case, no information about these dogs can be released until the dogs are released from the courts. When the dogs are released to the Humane Society of Missouri, rescue groups are going to need to be at the ready to accept these dogs into their programs. New Hope Pit Bull Rescue was recently named in a press release from the Humane Society of Missouri. We currently have ONE spot ready for one of these dogs. Out of 400+ dogs seized in this case, it's but a drop of salt in the ocean. We can't take many, but we'd certainly like to bring in more than one. If you can help, apply to become a foster home today! Are you wondering why we're considering these dogs coming from so far out of our area? Read our blog post about how we feel helping these dogs will ultimately help our local dogs!

View our waiting list to see a few of the dogs that are on our urgent list right now. If you are interested in helping us save any of the dogs on our list (or even another in the future!) please fill out our Foster Application.

Topanga's Ready To Go Home!!

Maybe you haven't met Topanga yet, or possibly you've been following her story and are wondering what's new with this amazing bella. Check out her new video bio! She's been with us a while now folks, and she is finally ready to be adopted and go to her new forever home!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Penny Lane

Here's another video to pass around to your friends :) Can you believe that Penny has been in our program since September of last year?! She's such a cool, beautiful girl that we just don't get it! It's time to change that and get her home and settled in with a new family before the holidays :)

Phoenix - A Local Cruelty Subject

The evilness of some of the members of our society shines brightly this week off of the back of our newest intake, Phoenix. This beautiful chocolate boy with little left in the ear department was given his name as a symbol that he will "rise from the ashes" of his abuse.

We've made a video story to share with you all and please, share this with others. Phoenix's story sadly isn't a new one, but it is one that we can share far and wide in our areas to give credence to just how badly this breed can suffer and how wonderfully these dogs can bounce back and still love their people.

Please be warned that some of the images in the video may be disturbing. Phoenix is suffering from chemical burns from head to tail down his back. He's currently in temporary foster care in an effort to save him from euthanasia but we still need a more permanent home. Please consider fostering Phoenix today!

If you are interested in donating towards Phoenix's vet care, please use the widget below. Any amount donated in excess of his veterinary needs will be used to help other dogs in our program. Thank you!

Friday, August 14, 2009

What About Our Local Dogs?

With all the bust dog stuff in the air recently and the heavy push to find foster homes for the dogs currently being housed in Missouri, we've been asked a time or two "Why? Why are you going to go all the way to Missouri for dogs when there are so many in your home state that need you?"

Honestly, we fight ourselves with this very thought. But, there IS a reason we are still pushing to help with these dogs. It has nothing to do with money (yeah people think that these dogs will come with some cash HAH!). It has nothing to do with
glory. It does have EVERYTHING to do with making a change in our local area.

Did you know that back in June, 20+ dogs were seized from a property in Union, SC? Did you know that we tried to help? Did you know that not one of those dogs made it out alive? Once a pit bull enters the shelter there, they don't have a chance.

On August 9, 2009, seven people were arrested and 6 dogs were seized in a Sumter County, SC dog fighting bust. Of those 6, one died because of his injuries. Sumter has been trying to place restrictions on pit bulls and pit bull type dogs for several years now. Do these dogs have a chance either? A quote from the article linked above:

"...because of the brutal way the dogs were raised the only thing that can be done to make sure they are not a danger is to put them to sleep.

"These won't have a chance to be adopted out," said Dailey."

The southern states are full of these types of busts, but many of them don't make the news. Hundreds of dogs without a chance because they are pit bulls and victims of cruelty. These busts are more than just "dog fight busts." They are cruelty cases. But sadly for many, the "dog fight bust" term holds people back from helping. It introduces negative connotations about these dogs and their temperament. We need to change that.

By stepping out of our immediate area to help with a larger case such as the Missouri-based dog fighting raid, we are introducing new resources to our own area. Dogs from these "fight busts" are not much different than dogs pulled from area shelters. In speaking with other organizations who have helped these dogs, they actually suggest that they are no harder to work with because of their exceptional desire to please their people.

We want to change the negative perception surrounding these dogs. We want to help the public understand just how amazing they are. We want the public to see even MORE dogs come out of these situations earning and wearing their badges of merit by receiving their Canine Good Citizen certification, becoming a therapy dogs, and even simply becoming cherished family pets that can present themselves as breed ambassadors.

We hope by taking a few dogs from MO or another "fight bust" and showing the individuals in our area, in the southern states that these dogs CAN and DO make great companions, regardless of their past will be enough to save SO many more here, that may not have had the opportunity before. It's about changing perception and moving away from the common stereotypes.

The Missouri dogs, if released from the courts, will need to have rescue ready for them. If you can open your home to a dog in need, please fill out our Foster Application. We need people to commit NOW because we will only have one opportunity to save these dogs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Hope Pit Bull Rescue To Help With HSMO Bust Dogs

A press release was issued this morning that New Hope Pit Bull Rescue, along with several other rescues, is working with Humane Society of Missouri to care for and eventually receive some of the more than 400 dogs that were seized in the biggest dogfight bust in US history.

We are very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to help with the Missouri bust case. We look forward to putting our arms around these dogs, training them and placing them into loving forever homes where they will live out their days in the happiness they deserve.

Right now we have ONE confirmed foster home and hundreds of dogs needing a place to go. How do we decide which dog will be lucky enough to get that one spot? We NEED foster homes to help us take these dogs so we can work with them. If you can help and are interested in fostering a dog, please visit our web site to learn more about our foster program and to apply to become a foster home today or email us at!

Rescue groups involved in the effort include:
Mutts-n-Stuff (Missouri)
Our Pack, Inc. (California)
Pit Bull Rescue Central (an online rescue resource)
New Hope Pit Bull Rescue (South Carolina)

Dogs involved in this case still need other rescue groups to step forward for them. Groups or individuals interested in receiving some of these animals should immediately contact the Humane Society of Missouri at 314-802-5712.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breed Profiling - Another Nail In The Coffin And It Wasn't Even A Pit Bull

Why aren't there any corrections to this article? I've searched and haven't found a single one, but you can bet this will show up on the oh so 'credible' as a reliable and accurate account.

Make sure to pay special attention to the first paragraph here... Classic case of media sensationalism in effort to get ratings.

Published July 28, 2009 01:15 pm -
A 32-year-old Hermitage woman faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment after her 1 1/2-year-old Rottweiller named “Cruz” bit a Farrell boy.

(Headline reads:)
UPDATE: Boy needs 60 stitches after pit bull bite

The Herald


A 32-year-old Hermitage woman faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment after her 1 1/2-year-old Rottweiller named “Cruz” bit a Farrell boy July 15 at her apartment in the Orange Village apartment complex, police said.

April Hughes of 400 Orange Drive, Apartment 2, was also cited with harboring a dangerous dog because this is the ninth time Cruz has bitten someone, police said.

Police allege Ms. Hughes left the boy alone with the dog in the apartment and he was attacked. The boy needed 60 stitches for a head wound, police said.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Missouri Bust Update

I assume you all have heard about the biggest dog fighting bust in US history on July 8th by our friends at Humane Society of Missouri. Over four hundred of my brothers and sisters have been rescued from the horrid life of dog fighting. I am so happy that my friends at HSMO have freed my brothers and sisters but what happens now?

Right now they are in a secret bunker safe from the bad people. The dogs have to be held for at least 40 days until the court hearing.

I, Smiley King the dog you see in the pic above with my special Pooh Bear, went through this process myself and it was scary at first being in a new place but my friends at HSMO made me feel at home right away. In the meantime, my brothers and sisters from this bust are experiencing their first toys, peanut butter, friendly hugs and kisses from humans, and fresh bedding. I wish I could talk to them to let them know their lives made a major change for the good and they will never have to fight again.

My foster mom, Gale Frey who founded MuttsNStuff is on the move to find foster homes for the dogs. She's also been on site helping the MO dogs. I've been in touch with my sister Zoe, who went to Our Pack from the same 2007 Stoddard County Mo bust that I came from. After arriving at Our Pack she went to school to become a therapist. Zoe's been asking Our Pack to ask for foster homes too.

Well heck, Zoe got adopted into an awesome home, they have toys, Kongs, balls and all the stuff that makes life wonderful! I know this is possible for all my buds out here too! Everyone should have a Pooh Bear, very comforting.

I heard that after the big bust other abused dogs outside of this case here were surrendered because their enslavers felt the heat of the FBI and HSMO. Since these dogs were owner surrenders they were able to go into rescue. But hundreds of my brothers and sisters are still waiting. Right now, I have a picture of an FBI agent and HSMO Investigator on my dog crate wall. They are my heroes.

I will send everyone updates as I know them about the Missouri Bust Dogs. They are safe in a secret place waiting for our a laws to release them to rescue. What a sight it must be having over 400 pits in one place, where I used to be! I'm so lucky to be here, with my bear and my friends. Thank you again HSMO for helping us. Your are my heroes.

Thanks for listening,
Smiley King

Our friends over in Missouri are working hard to prepare the Missouri bust dogs for rescue. We need your help to get ready for the dogs here. New Hope Pit Bull Rescue is in dire need of foster homes who can be ready to provide these dogs with a loving and nurturing environment if and when they are released. We will also be taking donations for the dogs once they are in our program, so please keep this in mind and stay with us for updates as we learn more.

Also, we still need foster homes for dogs in other shelters who need our help. Please consider opening your heart and home for a Pit Bull in need. Fostering a homeless dog is a very rewarding experience that many people truly enjoy!

Visit our web site to learn more about our foster program and to apply to become a foster home today!


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