Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scarlet Justice

Okay all you New Hope fans! The blog is back in action! To kick off our blog reinstatement, we would like to direct your attention to a girl that needs your help! Scarlet Justice came into the rescue from a small bust in upper South Carolina, yes! Here in South Carolina! Two dogs were saved from this bust, Scarlet being the only one left without a home! However, now due to unforeseen circumstances Scarlet Justice is in dire need of even a foster home.

Scarlet Justice is a special dog that would need a foster home that has some experience with under-socialized dogs and has tricks and techniques to assist with inappropriate play behaviors (i.e. mouthing!). A lot of patience and time would really help with her! We also work with an excellent trainer out in Summerville, SC - Kristie Allen CPDT who owns and operates The Learning Canine LLC., who offers her services to some of our dogs and whom we could put you in contact with to help Justice along in her training.

This girlie absolutely LOVES balls of all kinds and is ready to play all the time! She is very busy, and if left alone can easily find something to do (and not always the best thing)! Scarlet is a very sweet dog that enjoys playing outside, playing “soccer” and jumping into the air for treats!

She, like all of our dogs would need to be slowly introduced into a home with other dogs. Due to her extreme prey drive (part of being a terrier) a home with cats will not be considered as she is always up for a good chase!

Scarlet is about 2 years old and sits nicely at about 40 pounds and surprisingly enough Scarlet is heartworm negative. While we would prefer someone who has experience in her direct needs, the right person who is willing to work with this girl could truly help! Let’s all network and try to find this girl a foster home, or maybe even a permanent home!

Let’s pull together South Carolinian's and help out a dog that came from our own state! Help make a difference in the life of a wonderful dog that needs a loving and understanding home!

If you are interested in helping Scarlet Justice find a foster home, or if you are interested in taking this girl in and adopting her, please fill out the foster or adoption application on our website:!

Thank you for your continued support with the rescue and our needs! This is a truly special dog with some special needs, she has overcome some terrible times and experiences in her short life, and we want her to have a great life from then on! Help us get her a foster home or adoptive home and make her life the happiest it can ever be!

If you are unable to open your home to Scarlet Justice, please consider giving a small donation towards her care and training. No amount is too little and we know Scarlet would thank you with lots of tail wags and kisses for any new toys you help bring her way!