Monday, May 10, 2010

New Hope In Columbia, South Carolina

Many of you may be wondering why our web site and blog updates have been slow going over the last several months. Well, we won't make excuses, but rather we will just say that our web "guru" has been out of pocket due to a big move and it's incredibly hard for one person to stay on top of html stuff, writing content, keeping track of emails and phone calls PLUS caring for her own 2 foster dogs and 2 personal dogs... not to mention her work schedule and somewhere in there she likes to catch a wink or two. Whew!

Things are getting back to "normal" starting today. Our webmaster is back and with a HUGE update to boot!

New Hope Pit Bull Rescue is now a "chapter" organization, with locations in both the Charleston area of South Carolina as well as Columbia. Isn't this exciting!

As always, we are looking for foster homes in the Lowcountry, but now we are in dire need of volunteers and foster homes for the Columbia "chapter" too. If you are interested in getting involved with a great organization with a wonderful cause, please don't hesitate to visit our web site and read our policies... then don't forget to fill out the application that most suits your desire to help Pit Bulls in need!

We are looking for a new foster home for Superman Dan.

Dan came to NHPBR as one of the "Missouri 500", and one of four dogs that New Hope Pit Bull Rescue took in from the large raid back in July of 2009.

Quite an energetic boy, Dan has come a LONG way in learning how to be dog and is doing well in learning basic obedience and manners. Currently Dan lives in a home with three other dogs and his foster mom feels that he would benefit even more if he were in a home where he could receive more one on one attention and a lot more exercise.

If you are interested in fostering Superman Dan, and can offer a home where he will receive the amount of both physical and mental enrichment a dog of his energy level requires, please read our foster policy and fill out an application.