Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Largest Dogfighting Operation in U.S. History.”

By now many of you have probably heard the news and read the articles reporting the largest dogfighting bust in US history. Last week more than 400 dogs were seized in raids that spanned six states. Some articles are reporting more than 450 dogs and raids in as many as 8 states. Regardless…

Not only is this a question of will the dogs be saved, but the bigger question is – how many will die because they have no place to go? The HSUS has said that the dogs will be evaluated individually and considered for placement in approved rescues. What I beg of everyone to understand is that… even if some of these dogs are lucky enough to be considered for rescue, will there be enough foster homes available to place them in? Can we help the dogs seized in the biggest fight bust in American history? The answer to that is… it’s up to you. Will YOU help us help them?

If called upon, New Hope Pit Bull Rescue wants to help as many of these dogs as possible, but we cannot do this without the support of our community and fellow Pit Bull advocates and people who love and understand the breed. No matter where the dogs go, what rescues are asked to take on dogs, they will all need foster homes and support in many forms.

Will you be one to sit by and say, “I wish I could, but…” or will you be there to say “I will help… tell me what to do…”? When the time comes for these dogs to be released to rescue, they will need people ready and waiting to foster them; to take them in and show them love, and to patiently teach them how truly great life can be for a beloved family member.

30 arrested, 450 dogs seized in dog-fighting raids in 8 states

Even if New Hope isn't one of the rescues called upon to help with this bust, there are still dogs in our own area, some victims of abandonment, cruelty and neglect and others who are simply unfortunate and have lost their way home... who need you. Please consider becoming a foster home for New Hope Pit Bull Rescue, and help us save these deserving dogs who are in need.