Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Hope Pit Bull Rescue To Help With HSMO Bust Dogs

A press release was issued this morning that New Hope Pit Bull Rescue, along with several other rescues, is working with Humane Society of Missouri to care for and eventually receive some of the more than 400 dogs that were seized in the biggest dogfight bust in US history.

We are very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to help with the Missouri bust case. We look forward to putting our arms around these dogs, training them and placing them into loving forever homes where they will live out their days in the happiness they deserve.

Right now we have ONE confirmed foster home and hundreds of dogs needing a place to go. How do we decide which dog will be lucky enough to get that one spot? We NEED foster homes to help us take these dogs so we can work with them. If you can help and are interested in fostering a dog, please visit our web site to learn more about our foster program and to apply to become a foster home today or email us at!

Rescue groups involved in the effort include:
Mutts-n-Stuff (Missouri)
Our Pack, Inc. (California)
Pit Bull Rescue Central (an online rescue resource)
New Hope Pit Bull Rescue (South Carolina)

Dogs involved in this case still need other rescue groups to step forward for them. Groups or individuals interested in receiving some of these animals should immediately contact the Humane Society of Missouri at 314-802-5712.