Monday, May 12, 2008

Thank You! To Our Volunteers and Donors!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank some special people we have come in contact with over the past few months.

Amie and Marva, thank you for helping out at our adoption event on April 26th and 27th! You guys were a tremendous help! April, it was great to meet you and your breed ambassador Flea!

Bill and Anita, the two crates and puppy supplies you donated to our rescue are going to be a huge help to us in the future!

Pam, Judy, Stacia, Bradley, Jeff, Carolyn, Andy, Brian, and Rebecca, a VERY special thanks goes to all of you for your donations towards Jezzy's vet care! She had a very rough patch with a severe hookworm infestation that almost cost her her life. She was hospitalized for a week! But, in that week's time, a vet tech (well the whole vet office really) fell in love with Jez. They finally figured out that it was a hookworm infestation, treated her for it and she's doing SO much better. Hookworms apparently can only be detected in a stool sample when they are "shedding." That's why all her stool checks previously came out negative and no one knew exactly what was wrong with her. Everything is going well for this girl now and we couldn't be happier about the outcome :)

We would also like to thank Nylabone, Triple Crown Products, and Redbarn for graciously supporting our efforts to rescue these dogs by donating special supplies to help increase the enjoyment for the dogs in our program.

These companies support us so support them!

If I missed anyone, please jump out and kick me! Its a Monday morning and I'm pretty sure I got everyone, but you know how Mondays can be :)

Thanks again to everyone helping to make New Hope Pit Bull Rescue a success!