Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Venus- The Goddess of Love

We've been pretty quiet lately because we've been super busy! We've got two new arrivals to the rescue and we want to update you guys :)

Venus showed up in Marva's neighborhood the evening of the 3rd. Marva called that night to ask some questions because it looked like Venus had something wrong with her girl parts. She sent me some pictures and to our dismay, it looked kinda like Venus had a prolapsed uterus. I told Marva to meet me at our rescue's vet the next morning at 8:00AM.

The next morning, meeting this sweet girl was like meeting an angel from Heaven. She's very polite and such a tiny girl! We let our vet know what we were there for and got the news that unfortunately, they didn't feel comfortable performing that kind of surgery. We made some other calls and found a private veterinarian in Goose Creek that wanted to see her right away to get looking at the situation to see what we could do. Off we go!

Venus was such a fabulous rider! And she proved to be even more fabulous at the vet clinic. We were there for at least an hour with her standing up on the elevated steel table waiting patiently between the tech and the vet to come in and do some more looking and other tests. She had no issues with complete strangers handling her and showed a fabulous personality in such an uncomfortable situation. The vet decided to go ahead and spay her and he'd work on trying to get her "insides" back where they should be but that with as swollen as she was, it was going to be next to impossible and that we'd have other aftercare instructions to help her along.

Hours later, the vet calls and says we can go pick her up and that she's doing VERY well :) Everyone at the clinic fell in love with her good nature :) She weighed in at 32lbs and likely will not get any bigger than 45lbs. She's a great example of what the true American Pit Bull Terrier should be. We had her scanned twice for a microchip with no luck which is why we went ahead with having the surgery. We also found out that it was not actually a prolapsed uterus but instead, something similar called vaginal hyperplasia. This happens when a female dog goes into heat and her body produces and excess amount of estrogen that causes her vulva to swell abnormally. Eventually, the walls would have receded back into her body, but not after some form of infection would likely have set in. She's getting wonderful care with Marva right now, but we really need to find another foster home for this gal! If you know of anyone that may be interested, they will NOT be disappointed with this girl!

Venus's vet bills for the day tallied in at over $500. We are desperate to raise the money for these expenses as we are now at a point where we cannot take any more dogs into our group. Please consider donating to Ms. Venus's care using the Chip In widget below!