Thursday, November 26, 2009

Now That's Love!

If you're ever in New York City, you need to keep your eyes peeled for a very special man with a very lucky pit bull.

We received an email forward Wednesday evening from a rescue partner of ours who's friends with friends of the person who took a very touching photo.

What would you do if your 15 year old pit bull couldn't enjoy their walks anymore because walking long distances drained them of their energy? Would you succumb to life sitting at home while your dog stared longingly out the window? Or would you get your dog a wheelchair?

This wonderful gentleman without a name was stopped by a stranger for a picture of him with his dog. And we're glad the picture made it's way down to South Carolina for us to share with you! This man's dog no longer has the energy to walk to the park and still enjoy the visit to the park. This man showed his love for his dog by getting her a wheelchair. He takes her multiple times a day out to the park via the wheelchair - just so she has the energy to enjoy the park when she does go out.

This man is an inspiration with his devotion to his dog. We hope that should he ever come across this blog with his picture and his dog being showcased, that he will realize what a beautiful example he is setting for dedicated pet owners. We wish we could meet this man to hug him and smooch his dog!

Sir, on this day, Thanksgiving Day, we would like to give YOU a special thanks to being devoted to your dog and continuing to offer her a quality of life that so FEW of these dogs are fortunate enough to experience. Bless you!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Mary said...

This picture makes me cry - IN A GOOD WAY! Thank you so much for sharing it.

CindyJ said...

Yes, this is the love that a true person feels towards their pets. They would do this for us if they could. Thank you for sharing such a moving story. To the man in the picture! BRAVO ~ may your life be blessed beyond measure for being the kind of Owner each person should be to the pets we have in our lives. You are an inspiration!

gale said...

What a heart warming story. I love happy uplifting stories to counter the sadness. Thank you NHPBR

Suzi Riot said...

Alicia was right... TOTALLY made me cry! Ina good way. ;) Thank you so much for sharing this... it is beautiful.