Friday, July 11, 2008

Are You Graphically Inclined?

New Hope has a HUGE event coming up in October (which we need TONS of volunteers for by the way!!!) and we need some help with a shirt design.

Pit Bull Awareness Day is on October 25th this year and New Hope Pit Bull Rescue will be hosting an event for the Charleston area. Stay tuned to find out more details as we are still in the planning stages :)

Anywho, on to the shirt design. We're having a design contest to help get the public involved more and to help raise some funds for the rescue :)

Graphic Requirements:

- Vector Files are preferred although .png is acceptable. Please email us if you have questions about specific file types.
- Please limit graphic to no more than three colors.
- The graphic should depict pit bulls in a positive light. Please no snarling/aggressive images or dogs with cropped ears.
- Ideally, the graphic will include at least one happy, smiling pit bull. We have LOTS of examples if you need them.
- The graphic will be used on a white shirt so please keep this in mind while designing.


- Entrant must be age 18 or older.
- Contest is open to all US residents.
- Upon submission, all graphics become property of New Hope Pit Bull Rescue and may be used in other media. However, owners of designs will retain rights to use their design.
- All submissions MUST be emailed.
- Please title your email “Design Contest Submission – (Last Name Here)
- Your entry(entries)must have been designed by you.
- Multiple entries are accepted.
- The entry fee is $10 per submission and can be made through PayPal. Our PayPal email address is or to make things easier, use the chipin widget at the bottom of this page.
- A minimum of 10 entries must be received. If we do not receive the 10 entry minimum, all entry fees will be returned. Submissions will still remain property of New Hope Pit Bull Rescue.
- All submissions must be received no later than Midnight, August 15, 2008
- Winner will be notified no later than August 22, 2008.


Why should you enter?

- You have the opportunity to win money for your design! 50% of the entry fees go to the owner of the winning submission. Your design could win at least $50!
- The graphic is needed for t-shirts that we will be making available to the public at this event for purchases and for prizes. Local businesses will be purchasing “ad-space” on the back of these shirts. The winning designer will receive their name/business included in this line up. If you are part of a business looking to gain more exposure, this is an opportunity for you!
- Winner will receive one free t-shirt with his or her design that was chosen to represent our Pit Bull Awareness & Education Celebration.
- Add to your portfolio!

Remember, HAVE FUN!