Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lookit Who We Had a Visit From!

This is Ryan with his adopted pooch, Rambo (formerly Tino)! It was SO wonderful getting to see them again yesterday. Tino (he'll always be Tino to me) was an awesome guy and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him again :)

We also snagged a candid HAPPY shot of our Beacon boy who is steadily putting on some weight. :)

Beacon got to meet some wonderful people yesterday who are interested in adopting him when he's available (probably another month or so) so cross your fingers!

In other news, we have some VERY cool magnets for sale! If you are interested, stop by at one of our events or email us at to find out another way to get one :)

The following are $5 a piece:

And these are for $3 :)