Monday, August 25, 2008

Animal Witness - The Michael Vick Case

How many of you watched the airing of Animal Witness - The Michael Vick Case on Animal Planet last night?

What were your thoughts on the report? Do you think it helped shed some light on the desperate plight of pit bulls in this country and the way the media has helped contribute to their horrible reputation? After seeing the outcome for the Vick dogs, do you have a renewed understanding that not all Pit Bulls are bad and that even these dogs deserve a chance? How many of you enjoyed watching Leo at work as a therapy dog?

Please feel free to leave comments! This is open for discussion. :-)

I won't say that I enjoyed watching the clips of the fights and such, but I do appreciate their being a big part of what the show was about. I think the public needs to see the horrid conditions these dogs are kept in, and the barbaric act of the "sport" coupled with seeing how the dog men are right there in the pit with the dogs the entire time and not one person is bitten. I truly love what Donna, with BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls), said to drive home how eager these dogs are to please their people, and how the dogs will fight harder as they hear their handler/master encouraging them to go for it with that "atta-boy!" and "good dog!". It goes to show their desire to excel at whatever task is given to them! (NHPBR does not condone the cruel "sport" of dog fighting.)

I genuinely love the way this program was put together, from seeing the way these dogs were kept... then hearing and seeing what they must have gone through while in the "care" ( I use that term very loosely.) of Vick and his partners.. to being rescued and rehabilitated and adopted into loving family homes. It brought tears to my eyes as I sat on my couch beaming with pride for those dogs!

I'd love to see more people become inspired and educated about the breed after watching the show, and I'd love to see more people want to adopt. I'd love to see more people think twice before voting for breed bans or restrictions, and I'd love to see more insurance agents wake up to the real problem of irresponsible owners. I pray that as they watched Leo at work as a therapy dog, they compared him to countless other breeds (large and small) out there who are irresponsibly owned and out of control and that aren't on the lists of restricted or banned dogs. And I sincerely hope that this case and show will be a big help in bringing about policy changes so fewer dogs lose their homes due to discrimination.

Kudos to Donna and Tim and all of the BAD RAP volunteers who spent countless hours working with these dogs. Thank you to Best Friends Sanctuary — who has 22 of the Vicktory Dogs, and to Our Pack, all of the investigators, reporters and animal welfare agents who helped these dogs and put them in one HECK of a positive light! Yeah it irks me that PETA got so much credit for the outcome (because they are a group that's been storming to have these dogs banned), but honestly... one battle at a time right folks? So many people still do see PETA as a group that does so much (dare I say it?) good... I think that if by their being involved with this show changed even one persons mind who might not otherwise give a Pit Bull a chance... I can live with them being given kudos too.

Learn More About Pit Bulls and the Michael Vick Case and see when the show is scheduled to air again if you missed it!