Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Golda Needs A Foster

Golda was found on the side of the road. Her lips were gone, feet so swollen that she couldn't walk and skin missing on her back side. She was in the process of dying. A good Samaritan took her to a vet and she is now healing nicely. Golda is spayed and fully vaccinated. She will need long term foster care so that we can be sure she has all of the training and medical attention necessary to get her healthy again before being placed for adoption.

We desperately want to help Golda find the love and happiness she deserves. In order to do that we need a foster home to place her in, someone who is familiar with the American Pit Bull Terrier breed and is willing to see past her scars and work with a dog in her condition. All vet care will be paid for by our rescue, all her foster home needs to provide is good food (we can help with that too), water, an indoor home with a family and lots of love.

Helping dogs like Golda is such a rewarding experience! The feeling of joy you get when you see that dog go to its new forever home, knowing that you helped that dog get to a better place and that the dog will be loved and treated well for the rest of its days. It's an overwhelming feeling of joy and sense of pride that nothing can match. Please help Golda by opening your heart and home to her until she's healed and we find her the perfect forever home. Please contact New Hope Pit Bull Rescue at if you have any questions about our foster program. We will provide references upon request.