Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lots More Going On!

First order of business is to let everyone know that we are having a volunteer meeting on September 23rd at 7PM at the Arby's on Hwy 78. Shoot an email over to info@nhpbr.org if you need more information. We're going to be organizing our volunteers and discussing upcoming events and plans. Things are picking up and its vital that everyone is clear on what's going on and how they can help :)

Next...We got Golda! She is a dog that touches everyone's hearts right away! We are not kidding when we say she melts at your feet for some attention. Her foster home is quickly falling in love lol! Within the next couple of weeks, we'll be taking Ms. Happy Golda in for a vet visit to get her all checked out. She is missing some teeth and there's at least one that is broken. We also want to get her heart checked out since she had a pretty bad case of heartworms. We will keep everyone updated on her progress and hope for the best!

Tino Rambino, his owner is going to foster him for us while we look for a new home for him so Yay! That helps us out SO much!

Now, time to list some dogs in the area shelters who are needing our help. There are always a handful of them but maybe one will pique your interest and you'll be interested in fostering :)
First, we have Vinnie:

He's been in the shelter for a lil while now and REALLY needs to get out. He's young, under a year and came into the shelter with the stitches from his crop still in his ear. He is SO sweet. If he could get inside your skin, he would, just to be close to you.

Next is this big lug:

The ladies at the shelter love the big mushball and would love even more to see him make it out of the shelter alive. He appears to be housebroken too! Added bonus! His only vice is that he is a fence climber. Getting him neutered should help with him wanting to roam but a potential foster home will need to be dedicated to making sure he stays where he is safe. He's approximately 65lbs right now but could potentially be 70-75lbs.

Next is Sammy.

She's about a year and a half old and is currently in a privately run shelter facility. She gets along very well with other dogs and is as playful and happy as can be. Don't you just LOVE her ears! Sammy isn't thriving where she is at since most of the dogs are older and just can't keep up with her or simply don't want to.

If you are interested in helping out any of these dogs by fostering them (which is providing a temporary home until the dogs find their new permanent home) please fill out our Foster Application.

If you are interested in out right adopting, please visit our Petfinder Page and view our adoptable pets.

Thank you to everyone out there making things happen for these dogs! We appreciate all the effort you've put forth!