Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's Going On?

Lots of stuff! We've been super duper busy lately with so many different things so we apologize for the delay in updating the blog :)

Remember Golda?

Hopefully she'll be coming down to us this weekend! Yay for Golda! We can't wait :D

Next, we just brought in littermates from an area shelter where they were turned in because the owner was in the hospital with sever brain injuries :( They are in wonderful foster home now getting socialization with a wide variety of animals. :) We will need to move them into new foster homes in about a month so more one on one attention can be provided to them so keep that in mind!

Now, I know you guys are DYING to name these pups! To help offset the costs of vetting the pups, we thought it would be a great idea to allow the public the opportunity to name these guys. We're asking for a $10 donation per name chosen, with a maximum of 2 names per puppy. We've set up a special widget on their individual petfinder pages to make things easier when donating :)

If you like this lil brindle girl:

Visit her Petfinder Page.

Got an eye for the fawn lady?

Name her at her Petfinder Page.

This brindle boy is gorgeous isn't he??

Visit his Petfinder Page to name him :)

Next in our update list here is Tino! You guys remember him right?

He needs to come back into rescue and we need a foster home for him! If you all haven't seen it yet, you need to watch Tino's video on his Petfinder Page :) He's a goof ball and we love him to pieces! We can't consider bringing in any more dogs until Tino is safe in a new foster home! If you want to foster Tino, please fill out our Foster Application.

Anyway, there is a ton more to update about, but I'll save that for tomorrow or Friday. Keep your eyes peeled and thank you to EVERYONE who has come through recently for us! We appreciate it!