Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don't Forget!

We've seen dozens of people carting their holiday trees to their house today alone! Keep us in mind after decorating your tree, to decorate ours! We guarantee it will be TONS easier! We've had several people participate recently and we can't tell you just how exciting that is! In case you've forgotten, visit our Holiday Memory Tree for more ideas and information :)

In other news, we had more great fun at our event yesterday! Check out Mia in our new "Adopt Me" vest!

We must say that the vest really did help to bring more attention to her. Let's hope it helps her find her forever home!

We also had a visit from Dolla' Bill who is looking FABULOUS I must say :) His foster parents also sent us some updated pics of him having a blast and we can't not share!

Great work guys!

We're going in on Tuesday to find out the Demodex status on the pups so we'll keep you all updated. Cross your fingers!


Hero said...

It's not much, but I've asked my humans to donate $10.00 to decorate woor Christmas tree! I hope woo have a wonderful holiday season!


New Hope Pit Bull Rescue said...

Hero, tell your humans that $10 makes a bigger difference than they realize! Every bit helps!

Thank you for the well wishes as well and we hope that your humans treat you lavishly with holiday goodies soon! We're sure they will :)

Our Pack, Inc. said...

Look at those cuties!! Keep up the wonderful work!!

X fingers on the demo.