Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Fun!

We can't speak for the other pooches in our program but Ms. Mia and Penny Lane got a chance to experience Christmas!

Here's Penny investigating her gift:

And for everyone's viewing pleasure, a video of her opening said present :)

And THEN! There's Mia :) Lemme tell you guys, this girl has such a contagious joy for life!

For me???

And a second vid since I failed to take off the cardboard and plastic from the gifts lol!

Also, in other news, Dolla' Bill got THE best present of all - A new HOME! Pam and Earl, have fun with him and we all can't wait to see new pictures as he grows up!


Our Pack said...

So cute. It's as if she know that she's on camera!
So adorable!