Sunday, May 10, 2009

Their Time Is Running Out!

Mr. Bones Mcghee and Mickey Mouth are both in urgent need of foster homes! These dogs have less than 1 week to live and we desperately want to help them. Please don't think that someone else will do it. These dogs need YOU!

Mr. Bones Mcghee is waiting for a foster home to open up for him. We got to spend some time with Bones when we took these pictures and he is just a great big love bug! He likes to lay down on his back for belly rubs and he thinks he's a big lap dog.

Don't judge a book by it's cover!

Our next urgent dog is Mickey Mouth. Mickey has a story very much like Golda. You might remember Golda, who we rescued back in August of last year. She was found emaciated and weathered and she was missing part of her bottom lip. With the help of a WONDERFUL foster home and our vet team, Golda made a full recovery from her former life of (only Golda knows) and she has since been adopted into a loving home and is living it up at the beach! We want Mickey to know that kind of love!

We have found a vet who can help us fix Mickey's lip, but we need YOU to give him a foster home while he undergoes surgery and gets all the medical attention he needs.

Our friends over at Bama Bully Breed Rescue said we could share some pictures of Gabe, a dog they had in their program who's lip was missing like Mickey Mouth here. It's amazing what a little reconstructive surgery can do for a dog, and Gabe is now living life to its fullest in his new forever home!

Golda and Gabe are only 2 stories of amazing dogs who may have looked scary before... but with some TLC all things are possible and they have been able to show folks just how truly loving even the "ugliest" dog can be!

Be a part of something wonderful! Please apply to foster a dog in need.


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