Thursday, September 25, 2008

Big Thanks!

We'd like to go ahead and take the time to thank a few people in our rescue lives who are making a big difference in the lives of the dogs we love!

Beverley, thank you so much for your generous donation to the care of Mr. Dolla' Bill (the name and the meaning behind the name is SO funny)! It helps out so much!

Marva, Pam, and Sommer, thank you SO much for opening your homes to dogs in need! You all have made a huge difference in the lives of the dogs in your home so give yourselves a BIG hug from US to YOU!

Amie, Marva, Pam, Megan, and Beverley, thank you guys for taking the time out of your busy lives to help spread the word about us. We really, really appreciate the effort and time spent on your part. Keep telling people about us as word of mouth is always THE BEST form of advertising :)

And just in case you guys might be wondering about how some of the dogs are doing, we'll share :)

Look at one of Juno's shelter pictures:

And now a picture from our event on the 20th:

Marva, she looks WONDERFUL!

And :) Complimentary puppy pictures!

Ginger Snap

Penny Lane

And Dolla' Bill!

Thank you again everyone!