Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mr. Mike :)

As previously mentioned, several wonderful people came through with donations for Mr. Mike at our National Pit Bull Awareness Day event and we couldn't be any happier about it! Two bales of straw, two bags of cedar bedding, a large bag of dry dog food, cans of wet food, bowls, a collar, harness, leash, treats, toys, blankets, all sorts of stuff! (You all should have seen how we managed to stuff all these things in my car!) It is absolutely amazing and helps give us all faith to see people step up to help out these dogs who have been mistreated in the past by other people. You all are WONDERFUL! We can't say that enough!

Now, just so you all know, Tino DID make it into a new foster home so we can now start looking for a new place for Mr. Mike to go to that will keep him warm indoors and help give him the affection from people he wants so much :)

Mr. Mike was an absolute joy to be around and so affectionate, even though it was obvious to us that he was sore. He had a significant amount of hair loss that we aren't quite sure just what color he'll be when he gets better. We're guessing either fawn or red but...well you'll see what we're talking about in the new pictures we got of him. He is going to need a long term foster home while he recuperates but to see him go from bad to wonderful makes everything worth it!

If you are confident you can open your home to Mr. Mike, please fill out our Foster Application.

Now, on to the new pictures. You're heart may break a little at them, but remember, he's on the way to recovery now and so many of you have already stepped in to help get him there. Now we just need one more person to stand up and provide their home and spare time to him to get him indoors and out of the coming cool weather.

See what we mean about not being sure of his coat color? Those "golden" patches are fur that he hasn't lost. He does have new hair growth but it's minimal at this time and will be a different color when it first grows back in.

There's reason to believe that Mr. Mike may have had a broken leg at some point underneath that bright pink bandage. It has healed but they are keeping an eye on it while he's there and it will need to be checked out when we can get him into the vet.

This is the topside "close up" of his rear end.

If you'd like more information about fostering, please send us an email at

Thank you everyone!