Wednesday, October 22, 2008

National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Don't forget! This Saturday, we will be at the SuperPetz in North Charleston celebrating National Pit Bull Awareness Day! We're going to be doing a 50/50 deck of cards raffle and we'll have some fun contests as well! We will be there from 10AM until 4PM so there's plenty of opportunity to come out and meet with us. We'll also be presenting Pit Bull 101 and Kid and Dog Safety demonstrations throughout the day :)

Want another reason to come visit us? SuperPetz has chosen us, New Hope Pit Bull Rescue and the Holiday Charity recipient this year! Ask them for details in the store on how you can help out :)

We also have another neat idea up our sleeves for November and December but the cat will stay in the bag for now *grin* We want to make sure all the finer details are worked through before we announce it. Keep an eye on our blog and website as we'll be announcing it there first :) Look for it at the beginning of next week!

As far as the pooches, everything is going well :) The puppies have finally finished all their vaccinations and some of them will be split up into individual foster homes soon. Pam has been SO patient with us and wonderful for the pups that she deserves a much needed break! Also, Golda is about ready to start looking for her forever home! She's of sound temperament and would make a great therapy dog! She still needs some focus on proper manners in the house. You gotta remember, when she first came into the group, she had no idea that she was ALLOWED in a house, much less society's rules for living in one successfully. Her current foster home notes that she's getting better, but still needs some work. We're still keeping an eye on her pesky tooth that has been gnashing into her gums too. We haven't made the decision to have the tooth pulled yet and if at all possible, would like to avoid it. Golda will also need to be rechecked for heartworms to make sure the treatment was successful. We should know her status at the beginning of November :) Cross your fingers for her!

We're still needing a couple of foster homes right now. Tino still needs a foster home. Tino was one of the first dogs New Hope rescued from the shelter. He was left tied to the shelter gate so no one knows much about his background. Tino needs a special foster home who is willing to work with him on building his confidence. However life treated him before made him lack confidence in new, strange situations. In these situations, he gets uncomfortable and pees just a little. He's such a submissive guy and his peeing at over-stimulation is him telling whoever that he's stressed out and not a threat. Tino needs someone to show him that new situations bring good things. Tino needs someone who can follow through with unexciting greetings to help Tino learn that people coming and going is no big deal and that he can relax and trust in humans to do the right thing for him and keep him safe. Tino is a LOVER BOY and I personally would take him back into my home if we could get Mia adopted or moved into a new foster home.

Check out his Petfinder Page for more pics and a video of him. And if you are interested in helping Tino know what love and companionship is, let us know!

We were contacted by a couple of people who found a dog, emaciated, mangy and in serious need of some love and attention. His guardian angel is offering to foster him until we can find him another place to go but, Mr. Mike (as he's been dubbed) is being housed in an outdoor kennel. Mr. Mike has been promised some money to help make him better, and he's not on his way to the shelter, but with the weather getting colder, Mr. Mike is still in danger because he is not in healthy enough condition to maintain himself for too long. We are going to go on Saturday to meet him personally and temperament test him and could really use any cedar chips, hay, blankets, ANYTHING to at least try to leave with him to make him as comfy as possible until we can get him moved indoors.

Here are some pictures of Mr. Mike:

Here's the trouble, many people may be willing to put their heart and home out on the line for Mr. Mike to make life better for him. However, we can't bring Mr. Mike in without first securing a foster home for Tino. Tino is our obligation and responsibility first and foremost as a previous dog saved by our group. This is one tough part of rescue but one that we cannot forget!

If any of you can help, please let us know! If you are going to be at our Awareness Day event, let us know that too! If you have items you'd like to donate to help with Mr. Mike's care, please send us an email at

Thank you everyone!