Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update on Jezzy!

We received a LONG awaited email up date on Jezzy today and we couldn't be more THRILLED!

To give a little bit of a backstory, Jezzy was surrendered to us in January 2008, by LowCountry Pit Bull Rescue (now known as South Carolina Pit Bull Rescue). She came to us underweight and with a multitude of health issues. It was believed, by the vet we took her to after her arrival, that Jezzy suffered from an intolerance to rich foods and it was recommended that we feed her a bland diet of chicken and rice. During that appointment, we also learned that Jezzy was heartworm positive. Poor girl!

We took Jezzy to our own vet to begin planning her heartworm treatment. While she was on antibiotics and steroids, a pretreatment to build her strength before starting the toll taking heartworm treatments, Jezzy became very ill and we almost lost her. She was hospitalized for more than a week and on Sub-Q antibiotics and fluids just to keep her alive, while our vet ran various tests to try and figure out what was making her so sick. It turns out that Jezzy was suffering from a severe hookworm infestation in addition to having heartworms. A double whammy for this beautiful and sweet girl.

Being a brand new and small rescue with very limited resources, we were faced with a heartbreaking decision. We had another dog in our program too, and we were desperately trying not to exhaust all of our resources to treat Jezzy, but to also get her healthy at the same time. Our vet team had fallen in love with this girl, and the clinic stepped up to offer us a true miracle. A vet tech had grown attached to Jezzy and wanted to adopt her, so our vet offered to take Jezzy on as the "clinic dog" and treat her free of charge in hopes that she would make a full recovery. It was a slow process but she did recover, and the wonderful tech adopted her and Jezzy was able to go to her new forever home at the end of April. She was treated for the hookworms that nearly cost her her life and able to begin treatment for the heartworms. She was tested again a few days ago and is now heartworm free!

Here is a slideshow of Jezzy's pics while she was in our program.

Now, 6 months later, LOOK at this BEAUTIFUL dog!

We absolutely CANNOT thank the vet clinic enough for stepping in and going above and beyond for this girl! She looks fabulous and her new "mom" is obviously doing a superb job. Does that even look like the same dog to you guys???

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. Things like this totally MAKE OUR DAY! This here folks, THIS is WHY we do what we do. :)