Monday, November 10, 2008

Java Mike!

Howdy howdy folks!

Mr. Mike, now known as Java has made it into the rescue!

We are absolutely thrilled and can't wait to watch his progress :) Bonnie, thank you and Pat both for agreeing to bring this pooch indoors and offer him stuff he may never have had before. You are AWESOME for that!

Ready to see how much he's improved in the last two weeks?

Now, he does look frowny still, but give us Two Weeks and let me tell you what, we will see a totally different dog! It's already amazing how much weight he has gained and how much cleaner he looks! Helping Hands Animal Rescue Rehab and Therapy played the biggest part in that and we can't thank them enough :) Now, we're in for helping him out the rest of the way as guess what? He was diagnosed with Demodectic Mange. This IS NOT the contagious kind of mange, but the kind that rears its ugly head in cases of severe stress in animals. It's a bit harder to treat but all things considered, we're VERY optimistic as he really looks so much better than he did before!

And! Java is heartworm NEGATIVE! How awesome is that!? All in all, we're very excited and can't wait to see the beauty this boy holds shine on the outside like it should :)

We'll keep you all updated :)