Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Thinking!

Lately we've been hearing lots of people say (as we've been guilty of it ourselves!) that donations and adoptions are down because of the economy or for this or for that.

We've seen this excuse SO much that you know what we think? It is simply an EXCUSE. If it wasn't the economy, it would be gas prices (which are now at THE lowest they've been in what, three or four years???). If it wasn't gas prices, it would be the war. If it weren't the war, it would be something else.

We aren't going to stand by meekly and blame miserable results on the economy anymore. Each and every one of us has the power within to rise above tough times and make our lives what we want them to be!

We have great dogs that need great homes and you know what? There are people out there willing and ready to do anything and everything in their power to make sure their pets are well cared for. We know there are people out there prepared to make a commitment to these dogs for the rest of their lives no matter what. And we're going to look for them! We know you are out there!

Our dogs don't understand that we may be in the midst of troubled times. They still need food, medical care, love and attention like each and every one of us do. When you look into the eyes of any of the dogs in our program or any that need to come into our group, or even into the eyes of your own dogs, what will you see? A compassion and loyalty like no other. They don't watch TV for the latest updates on the world. They look to YOU. Their provider, their friend, their life long companion. To these dogs, their people ARE their world.

Mia has been with us the longest and she is one of THE most fabulous dogs that anyone has ever met. When I look at her, especially after a tough day, I think, "It's worth it." There's an innocence about these dogs. A sheer joy and thrill for life that should be contagious to us all. For many people across the country, their dogs have given them a reason to live, a reason to persevere and continue on during hard times. For this reason, we will continue forward to pass along a great dog to a new, wonderful, attentive owner to share in this blessing, this friendship that our canine friends give us.

How can you look at this clown and be sad??

If you've looked at our Holiday Memory Tree and left it feeling a little stumped about what it should mean to you and what difference it makes to us, let's break things down a bit :)

For a simple one time donation of $5.00, you can recognize any pet that was near and dear to you in your life. You remember, that one that was with you through thick and thin and never missed comforting you on a bad day? That one. Imagine the bells ringing in remembrance of your pet.

These three ornaments are available for a one-time $10.00 donation, your choice in color. Let these symbolize a current pet in your life that means the world to you :) Imagine our blinking lights shining sweetly on your chosen ornament for your pet.

There are many other options of ornaments and gifts to choose from so let your heart do the talking and help us show these pooches that they will be living the good life from here on out! Safe, loved, and cared for :)

Remember, our dogs can go from this:

To this:

This is why we do what we do. Tough times or not, these dogs are why we are here :)


The REAL Pit Bull said...

Bravo! The dogs don't stop needing us when the times get tough. We can't forget to add them into the equation. And as you said so well, what they add to our lives in love and companionship cannot be measured in money. They help us get through the rough times - that's their payback.

Our Pack said...

Good post. It gets me thinking about the other excuses I make for things! But one thing for sure is we can't forget about the dogs at times like this!

New Hope Pit Bull Rescue said...

I couldn't agree more ladies. I think Alicia did an amazing job with this post in getting us all to think about the little things that are so often over looked. We tend to take our own sorrows and personal woes and run with them, and these dogs are there for us every step of the way!

It's amazing to me, when I look into the eyes of a dog like Golda, or Java, or any of the other countless numbers of homeless dogs out there... After all they've been through, they haven't given up on the human race... and I'm thankful for that! :-D

Folks! We seem to have run into some technical difficulties with our holiday tree... but rest assured that if you've tried to donate for your ornament I will have things working again by tomorrow evening! I encourage you to come back and give it another go.