Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Holidays Are Coming!

We've got a great holiday fundraiser going on right now and we invite you to check it out and get involved! For every purchase you make, we get a portion of the proceeds! You get something, we get something. How cool is that???

Check out the page that The Uncommon Garden has made for us for this fundraiser! We're very excited and we HAVE made some money thus far, but not even quite enough to cover the cost of a microchip yet!

Here's some common services and supplies we need and how much they generally cost us:
Microchip - $30
Spay - $60-95
Neuter - $50-85
Crates (for safety!) - $90
Collars - $8-12 per collar
Leashes - $6-10 per leash
Bowls - $5-7 per bowl
Food - 35lbs = $30-50 per bag (one bag will feed an adult for about 4-6 weeks)
6 Months of Heartworm Prevention - $90

And all these are just basic things! No dog is the same and each dog needs a different level of care.

If you don't want to purchase any of the candles in our fundraiser, consider sponsoring one of our dogs or making a general donation to the rescue to help offset our veterinary costs! We've got some lovely dogs and it costs money (darn the luck!!!) to keep them healthy :) If you have questions about donating or our fundraiser, please send an email to

Thank you all and be looking out for another update soon! Sunday maybe??? :)